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Missiongathering - Christianity For All
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God is love, and God's grace is big enough to embrace everyone. God loves his children so completely that he sent his Son, Jesus, into the world. The life, death and resurrection of Jesus proved that we are of infinite value to God, even though our lives often show we in no way deserve it.

As we live into the reality of grace, God's Spirit begins to turn our lives around-to turn our selfishness into loving service, our failures into new opportunities, our fear into courage, our aimlessness into meaningful purpose.

We strive to be a community where everyone is welcome, and where God's transforming grace flows through us as a sign of God's love and forgiveness to the whole world.

God is eternal and therefore gives meaning to every age, race, and culture. MISSIONGATHERING seeks to bring a tangible God into our emerging, postmodern culture.

We find meaning in symbols from ancient to modern, encompassing everything from communion to recent films. We strive to practice a holistic spirituality, to find the good and spiritual in the world around us.

Communion is offered every week at MISSIONGATHERING as a sign of God's love and grace. All are invited to partake of the elements, which symbolize the life of Christ, broken and poured out for all of humanity. Luke 22:19-20

God exists in the perfect community of Father, Son, and Spirit. People were also created to live in community. MISSIONGATHERING seeks to build deep and personal faith by serving others in a loving and authentic faith community.

Our community gathers together in a variety of different ways, be it as a large group for dinner and a movie, or two or three of us at the nearest coffeehouse or pub. We are trying to establish meaningful relationships in a time when real relationships are hard to find -seeking health and wholeness together.

God is truth and the reality of who He is and the story of His grace is revealed in creation, in Scripture, and in the person of Jesus Christ. For this reason, MISSIONGATHERING seeks to discover, embody, and proclaim the truth of a loving God to our neighbors.

We believe that truth is an ongoing journey, that we never have it all figured out. Truth is something that we try to humbly live and are constantly seeking.

"The pursuit of truth shall set you free - even if you never catch up with it."
- Clarence Darrow (infamous lawyer)

God is beautiful and His creation reflects His beauty. God is the ultimate artist. God's beauty can be found in nature. God also created people in His image and likeness as works of beauty. So we are also all creators. When we experience beauty and creativity we connect with God.
Missiongathering tries to experience beauty through music, images, art, films, candles, and multi-sensory experiences. We value many different forms of creative expression and use a variety of media to convey God's love. We also experience beauty through authenticity. Being honest with a friend about who we are and where we are in our journey can be truly beautiful.

"Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting..."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson
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